Vrai Cauchemar – October to January

Three months have passed since I have been able to put pen to paper, and I am not going to try to fill the gap. As a family we have faced our biggest life challenge to date, and whilst many families will have faced worse, living in a foriegn land without family in times of crisis can be tough.

In October we faced the onslught of the financial crisis along with the rest of the world, but for us it threatened not just our income and job, but also our stability and ability to stay in France. Little did we realise as we faced the challenge in the employment sector just how much more of our lives were going to be thrown into dissarray, but it covered ill health and a necessity to move all in the same small window of time.

In short, My husband’s company requested he join their international team for a hopefully temporary measure whilst the “English/French” workload picked up again, and he was asked to go to Nigeria on an expat basis; the medicals necessary to his departure shockingly revealed a hitherto unknown skin condition, requiring three consecutive surgeries; whilst the local office in Rouen inadvertantly cancelled the lease on our house, since they had originally taken it out on our behalf, erroneously believing the entire family was leaving for Nigeria. Consequently December saw us approaching homelessness; incapable of resuming work; and in and out of the operating theatre.

The point of takiing on a challenge to live in a new country is to embrace whatever is flung in one’s path, and overcome it stronger and wiser; as I recount the events that have followed, I hope that others considering a move abroad can be heartened that with enough drive one can make it through even the worst of times.

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