‘En Route’ to Work

Going to work is worth it for the journey alone. I wonder how many can claim this much prettiness during their 20 minute drive to work. Sometimes I wish I could take my bike – but maybe 20km is a little too much considering the steep inclines up out of the seine valley, and the nasty sweat it would produce by the time I’d reach the office!

As I descend the steep winding forest road towards Orival I am daily ‘wow’ed by the stunning view of the Seine which hits me as I reach the bottom of the incline. After that it is a matter of turning right and hugging the Seine all the way to the office.

Sometimes there are Peniches (barges) and sometimes not, but there is always the drama of the steep chalk ‘falaises’ (cliffs) which leave a stretch of waterside only wide enough for a road and an occasional row of houses.

The cliffs are so typical to the Seine as it winds and cuts its way through the Normandie countryside. The Seine twists and turns on itself so rising to the region being known as the ‘Boucles de Seine’.

The chalk cliffs are really dramatic towering above our heads at the side of the road.


And I have a feast of Normandy timbered houses scattered along the route…

whilst the road passes between the church and the river.

But if the car breaks down…

…I can always get there on foot. It may be a little slow- but worth it.

Good thing the job is great too.. otherwise you’d never get me through the door!

Thanks to Google and Le blog de Remy for their pictures

2 thoughts on “‘En Route’ to Work

  1. What a great way to start the day! I’m retired now but after completing an IT course in Toulouse twelve years ago, I did a couple of weeks work experience. My daily drive from Montcuq to Montauban was beautiful too. Glad you’re enjoying the job.


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