The Tour de France 2012 in Rouen.

Wednesday 4th July

Waiting patiently…


Until the caravanne arrives!


With a little bit extra !

Wait here they come….

No surely not….?

Well motor powered – that would explain how they go so fast..

Hurray, here they come…


I km to go…

Blink and we missed them!

and the stragglers…

Down comes the Vittel arch – time to go for a drink to cool down!

Thursday 5th July

Ready for the race…

The caravanne arrives….

Prepare to collect the trinkets missed yesterday…..

Yet again the sweet van misses us – how can that be…..?

Let the velos begin….

and the odd spare bike!

Et le fin de course ….pour nous!

5 thoughts on “The Tour de France 2012 in Rouen.

  1. That’s so awesome, the Tour went through Rouen this year! I think it changes every year right? Unfortunately we’ve got no Tour in the US… it’s too big! Though we did have the Olympic Torch Relay when the US hosted the Summer Olympics in Atlanta in 1996… so I did get to see the Olympic Torch!


  2. Wonderful pictures. I remember the blink and you’ll miss it factor when the tour went through St Symphorien (a very small town on the edge of Les Landes). They went past at 2.30 and by 4 all you knew of anyone ever having been there was a few markings on the road. In contrast a friend was telling me that his son lives on a street in Fulham which is being used for a bike race in the Olympics and it’s being closed to all traffic for a week!


    • The road was closed about an hour before the race. We had only just realised that nothing more was coming when a van turned up to take down the Vittel inflateable arch and it hit my husband’s head as it deflated above us before the crowds had even started dispersing!


  3. Wow, what fabulous pics! We just watched the Olympics men’s road race go through Fulham and the speed at which they whizzed by was insane! It was so exciting to be there so close to the buzz of the big event and that is something that really comes across from your post too.


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