Fraternité – Mais OUI, Madame!

I must have really looked sad about those gateaux!

Today, as I rushed about the centre of town hastily gathering up all the last minute necessities for my daughter’s sixteenth birthday party I scurried past the TV, Internet and phone shop.  I heard my name being called, and looking back discovered the manager standing in the doorway.

“Madame, On s’occupe de vous”

Madame, We are looking after you”

“Et…..C’est reglé”

And it’s sorted!

It seems I will get my reimbursement after all. They apparently spent the  morning battling for me with thebig men in suits‘!

Ah Fraternité – It’s more important than Conformité after all! We’re all brothers here in France.

Now, off to choose some patisserie!

Diplomat anyone?

7 thoughts on “Fraternité – Mais OUI, Madame!

    • Mad isn’t it – I was really amazed when they told me why my application had been rejected, but had to laugh at the madness of it all. It does define the French paradox – “Can’t do , madame”, and then go off and do it anyway!


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