Madness in Rouen

It really is madness in Rouen this week. On strict instructions from Tuesday’s tour operator I dutifully arrived at the Vieux Marché to show my group of thirty tourists the Vitraux (stained glass) rescued from St Vincent church during World War One to find a snaking queue in both directions through main entrance door.

“It’s not necessary to pay for entry” I said, as the well-dressed beggar on the door was doing a roaring trade with the unsuspecting Americans!

I wished I could have left out the stained glass and shown something more obscure and less stampeded; there were plenty of places I hadn’t had time to show them.

There are approximately 40 guides in Rouen, and over the last few weeks I have turned up to the river cruise ships to find guides who have been drafted in from Paris to help cater for demand. Some of them had had to rise at 4am to arrive on time. I am glad of my cosy apartment a second away from the centre.

Last night I cursed as the sounds of music came beating through my windows, thinking that once again the students in the neighbourhood were partying and it would be a night ‘thin’ on sleep, but pulled open the huge windows nevertheless to water the Geraniums hanging off my balconies, when I realised, with a start, that this wasn’t any old music…..

“Our House” was definitely playing at top volume, buffeted by the wind in my direction. And of course I should have known. My teenage son had headed off with a friend to listen to Madness on the quayside, a good 40 minute walk away, and I’d been relegated to babysitting. But now I had a perfect seat with the windows wide open to hear an hour and a half of Madness live performance, sadly without the visuals.. but we can’t have everything!


Every so often “Husband à l’Etranger” and I have raved about the cult pop groups of our time, only for our kids eyes to glaze over – “mum you are SO old”. Last night my son eventually returned,  converted, having managed to get himself five rows from the stage, and having videod entire songs on his phone. How could I have ever thought that mobile phones for teenagers were evil!




Thankfully the organisers were handing out earplugs to the crowd, of which, according to no1 son, there were thousands. Tonight he’s off again to hear ‘Pony Pony Run Run’ – now there’s a band that is definitely not of my time! But what the city is gearing up for is Friday night’s concert of “Mika”. Superbly popular in France, this will draw thousands, including me and my two younger ones, not necessarily because he is to everyone’s taste, but because his songs are internationally known and because Mika is bilingual French/English which adds to his fan-pulling capability in France.

So there you are, Rouen has drawn in the crowds, not only with the Armada ships, but also with these great free live open-air concerts.

It was madness, there has been Madness, and it still is madness, and will be until Sunday…

when the ships set sail once again and head for open sea. And then?

Well Rouen still has something to Impression you with,

But more about that later!

5 thoughts on “Madness in Rouen

  1. Hi, how’s every thing ? Sound good from your write ups!

    Madness comes to Newark this weekend and we are off to see them at the castle . Should be good .

    Are you shortly finishing your school term and will you been about over the summer ? If you are, you’re all most welcome to stop the night or just pop in for a play and chat.


  2. I know Pony Pony Run Run. It’s a French band but they sing mostly in English I think. Their most famous song is definitely “Hey You” (a quick search on Youtube and you will find it!). I am actually kind of “related” to some of the band members. Some of my French cousins have cousins from the other side of the family (so my aunt’s husband’s family) who play in the band. So there’s two degrees of separation. 🙂

    And Mika, how lucky! I love him, my sister saw him in concert in New York awhile back.

    I’ve heard rumors this is the last Armada planned for Rouen, is this true? I hope it’s not!


    • I can’t answer whether this is the last Armada. Judging by the crowds it has brought in, I woud be suprised, and it’s only once every 5 years. But I could well be wrong.

      So if I say I know someone who’s aunt’s husband’s family are in the band, I might get to meet the band… darn it, if only I had known that yesterday!!! They were unlucky, it was really rainy yesterday and it put lots off going.


  3. C’est vrai qu’on entend bien les concerts, pour une fois que ce n’est pas mon fils qui fait du bruit 🙂 lui, il mixe tous les soirs sur les quais mais le sound systemne parvient pas jusqu”à nous


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