Dans Son Jus!

Last week was such a social whirl it left my head spinning. After the move, Christmas, swiftly followed by the gastro, and then the flu and finally several weeks of intense cleaning I felt it was high time to open my doors to all my french girl-friends and give them a guided tour!

My first arrival, possibly slightly shocked at the rather dilapudated state, barely blinked but declared enthusiastically “Ahh, c’est dans son jus!”, 

The memory of this wonderful expression, and may I say typically french way of associating everything with food, my house like a plump duck basting in its own juices – nothing added, nothing taken away,  will probably stay with me forever. And I will cherish it, because my friend was exactly right. Nothing in the house has been changed, it survived the 1960’s and 70’s without modification: from the doors and their handles and the glass in the windows with its uneven and fragile surface, to the panelling on the walls and the iron railings onto the street.

Petit à petit (little by little) I hope to restore the house without losing its original charm. So today I am posting some “before” images and as time goes on will start to show you the changes. What I am really looking forward to is shopping for furniture at local brocantes (antiques/junk shops) once the work is done but for now one of the greatest modifications has been the installation of fibre into the house today, and my son predicts that my photos will upload instantaneously and that updating my blog will be heaven. Lets see if he is right!

The balcony in beautiful spring sunshine!WP_20150311_007

The steps and landing by the front door:WP_20140906_039

The entrance hall:WP_20140906_040

and looking back from the stairs:WP_20140906_021

The salon:WP_20140906_042

and the salle à manger:WP_20140906_046

The conservatory:Annonce1-photo6 (3)

One of the bedrooms:WP_20140906_002

and another:WP_20140906_010

and the master bedroom with “coin lavabo” (ante-room with basin):

Annonce1-photo8 (1)


The attic beadrooms:WP_20140906_012


and the “chambre d’amis” (guest room)! (I’m not too keen on sleeping there myself!


WP_20140906_019the landing and the bathroom:WP_20140906_020


and last but very much not least, the kitchen – hub of the house!! (Did I mention it doesn’t have hot water?)WP_20150103_006




As you can see there is plenty to do! For the most part these photos were taken before we moved in and as such, none of the furniture belongs to me with the exception of the cooker which was carefully placed in the space my super electrician hacked out for me! I have 12 sockets which work in the house and the rest are condemned with sticky black tape, which makes plugging in power-tools an interesting experience and I have already been blown off my step-ladder by an explosive hand-sander, so the next few months look to be interesting!

But watch this space because changes are already starting to take shape, and the garden shows great promise now that the spring is nearly here!Annonce1-photo1 (6)


5 thoughts on “Dans Son Jus!

  1. What a glorious project! All in good time, and it will be a treat if you share the progress (and inevitable setbacks) with us. Looks like a grand old place with a lot of character. The conservatory is a work of art. Bon courageous!


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