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500 g flour type 45

60 g sugar

12 g salt

20 g yeast

300 g approx 3 eggs   beaten (to verify – please wait 24 hours)

300 g butter

Pour the flour onto the worksurface. Make three pits and pour in the salt, yeast and sugar.  Gradually add the egg bringing in the salt sugar and yeast. Once combined slap and kneed the dough until supple. Once smooth, add the butter in its entirety and massage until completely absorbed. Leave the dough to prove for 24 hours or overnight.

Once proved (fermented) unwrap from clingfilm and roll into balls. Shape balls into Snowmen shapes by rollling whilst pushing on one edge of the ball. Place into brioche tins and push the neck of the “snowman” into a deep groove and finally push down on the head to form the classic “country knot” style brioche.  Glaze and leave to prove for at least an hour before reglazing and baking at 180° until risen and golden.

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