Croissants and Pains au Chocolate.

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500 g flour type 45

60 g sugar

12 g salt

20 g yeast

300 g milk or water or mix

300 g butter – good quality

Pour the flour onto a flat surface. Make three pits and to each one pour salt, yeast and sugar. Add a little tepid milk or water to the yeast pit and massage yeast slowly constantly adding small quantities until the yeast has dissolved. Continue to add the liquid all the while adding and massaging in the flour and sugar, leaving the salt pit until towards the end of the process.

Continue to knead the mixture until supple and leave to repose.

After 24 hours take the dough and stretch out until twice the dimension (40 x 20) of the partially flattened square shaped butter (20 x 20). Place the butter in the middle of the dough and fold in the end to cover the butter and meet together.

Choose between pains au chocolate and croissants.

For croissants ensure the width of the dough (detrampe) is 25cm. For the pains au chocolate ensure the width is 30cm.

Roll the detrampe with the open edges the side to 60 cm in length and make a “tour simple”. (effective three layers with the first end inside.) Turn the detrampe through 90° and roll out to 60 cm and make a “tour double”. effective both ends folded to centre and folded in half. Turn the detrampe through 90° and roll the detrampe once more to 60cm. The width of the detrampe should still be 30cm.(25cm for croissants)

For croissants cut the detrampe in triangles the width of the detrampe with base dimension 12cm.

Choose the most attractive side and roll the pâte from the flat 12cm base towards the apex of the triangle.

Brush with beaten egg and leave to rise on a baking tray for 2 hours.

For pains au chocolate, cut 12cm strips across the detrampe. Lay a chocolate battonette inside first fold, place the second battonette on top of the first fold ensuring the pâte separates the chocolate. Fold again to cover the second battonette, and fold one further entire fold. Cut the pâte. Brush with beaten egg and leave to raise on a baking tray for 2 hours.

Reglaze with egg.

Place in a preheated oven at 180°

Remove when golden and well risen.

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