Macarons Chocolat

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225 g  icing sugar

125 g  ground almonds

100 g  egg whites

50 g  granular sugar

red colouring

cream of tartar

cocoa powder

For the garniture

125  g liquid cream

3 g  honey

15 g  butter

100 g  dark chocolate


Whip the egg white until stiff and beat in two lots the sugar and cream of tartar.

Incorporate delicately the icing sugar, cocoa powder and the ground almonds  to the whipped egg whites until shiny, supple and creamy.

Using a piping bag with a 10 – 12 mm diameter nozzle, pipe small rounds to a pliable baking sheet, nosing off away from you.

Knock out the air by agitating the baking sheet and leave to repose for 20 minutes until a crust has formed to the surface. Place on a flat metal baking tray (or 2 superimposed trays – testing necessary depending upon oven) Non- fan ovens will require wooden 1 cm chock to prevent door from entirely closing.

Cook for about 12 minutes at 150° until the shell and the collar of each macaron no longer move independently.

Remove from the oven onto a cool suface and flip the macarons onto their backs in preparation for their garniture.

For the Garniture

Bring to boiling the cream, butter and honey. Remove from the stove and pour over the chocolate. Leave for several minutes and mix well. Leave to cool until creamy and thick.

Place in a piping bag and distribute between the Macaron shells.

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Macarons Framboise et Citron

225 g icing sugar (sugar glacé)

125 g ground almonds (poudre d’amandes)

100 g egg white (blancs d’oeufs)

50 g granular sugar ( sucre semoule)

colourant (rouge ou jaune)

cream of tartar (crème de tartre)

For english version see Macarons chocolat and do not add chocolate powder.

Monter les blancs en neige et incorporer en deuxfois le sucre. Mélangé à la crème de tartre. Incorporer délicatement le sucre glacé et la poudre  d’amandes aux blancs montés. Dresser sur plaque en rondes et laisser réposer 20 minutes.

Cuisson four à 150° pour 12 minutes environ.


Garniture Framboises

250 g framboises (raspberries)

200 g sucre (sugar)

Faire bouillir le tout plusiers minutes.

Boil both for several minutes.


Garniture Citron

150 g  jus de citron (lemon juice)

1/2 zest

90 g oeuf (egg)

76 g sucre semoule (granulated sugar)

30 g  poudre à flan (instant flan powder “Imperial”)

40 g beurre (butter)

Porter à ebullition la pulpe de citron et les zests. Blanchir les oeufs, le sucre et la poudre à flan. Porter le tout à ébullition pendant une minute. Incorporer le beurre. Faire refroidir rapidement.

Bring to the boil the lemon pulpe and the zest. Cream the eggs, sugar and powder. Bring all to the boil for a minute. Incorporate the butter and cool quickly.

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