Sunday Market!

I have to share with you these photos taken at our local market. Imagine this – it’s a sunday morning, the cupboard is bare, the kids want to stay cooped up in the house after a busy week – so I have the opportunity of taking my time and absorbing the surroundings and the array of colours in the Vieux Marché whilst looking for inspiration. Here’s just a little of what I find…

cèpes, chanterelles, champignons and lychees

endives of course!

les crevettes and les homards to die for!

clams, oursins (urchins), langoustines and whelks

did I tell you the story about when I confused bulots for boulots?


only the french could have different varieties of oysters (huitres)

or  big fat chickens – necks and claws included!

so much choice its impossible to decide!

Now remind me – why did I come to France?