Winter White-Out in Rouen.

Every-one is doing it – I know! But this is a special post for my husband roasting away in the tropical temperatures of 40° during the day and 24° at night. He’s wishing for our weather and we’re wishing for his! Are we never satisfied?

When he sees me on Skype bundled up in jumpers he says I am making him feel too hot! So here are some pictures of the snow in Rouen to put things back in perspective.

These are views along Rue Jean d’Arc as I enjoyed a stroll last sunday. The best part is that all the cars have stayed at home so for the first time I can walk right in the middle of the road.

All the ornate tracery stonework of the Palais de Justice is accentuated by the fall of snow ….

….and my favorite shop, ‘Au Nom de la Rose’ which sells only roses – of course. Look how they’ve sprinkled rose petals on the snow- l’esprit français!  If you are really lucky, on non-snowy days they have little bouquets of roses called ‘garden roses’ set out on the table which are ones that they consider past their best, and sell for a snip at 4€. But if you select carefully they last at least a week and never droop.

and so should I….. at minus 5 its far too cold to stay out any longer!

Au revoir!