The kitchen as the heart of the home.

Slightly disappointingly I left a fabulous kitchen back in the UK. This is what I inherited instead.

This is not good! It has all the hallmarks of the French love for brown! There is a plethora of brown 1970’s design in the standard French kitchen, and yet more examples of it spread over bars and cafés nationwide. Why? Who Knows! Since the basic units were in good condition, and unable to replace them, we felt it was time for a friendly discussion with the landlord!

I sent my husband!

Later, having got the go-ahead to paint the kitchen,  I headed for Leroy Merlin where they reliably reproduce exact renderings of all Farrow and Ball paints for a fraction of the price. Three days later the job was complete…

Shame about the tiles – but I have plans….

A few days afterwards I met the landlord in the courtyard who requested a visit to the apartment later in the week to check some ceilings. That evening I chatted to my husband (currently in Nigeria) on the phone rapturing about my new bright and airy kitchen.

“Great ” he said, “You did forward the sample colours to the landlord, didn’t you?

Now i’m in trouble!!!

2 thoughts on “The kitchen as the heart of the home.

  1. oh, don’t worry about the colours. I painted my kitchen with a much more intense grey, the landlord saw it last week and didn’t say a word. anyway, he can’t, it’s the law, you can paint it the colour you want.
    About the tiles, I just painted the incrimanated ones (it look like you have a sort of goose, I had a horrible blue ans red cherry) the same colour I painted the “placards”
    Your neighbour downstairs


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