Vanilla Ganache Chocolate Bonbons



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White chocolate – 220g

Milk – 20g

Liquid cream – 60g

Butter  – 15g

Vanillla Pods – 2

Melt the white chocolate to 35°c. In a saucepan, bring the milk, cream, butter and split vanilla to the boil. Pour onto the white chocolate through a sieve. Stir well and incorporate into a smooth paste. Leave to the side to cool.


Brown sugar – 35g

Spread the sugar onto a silicone mat. Caramelize in the oven at 180°c. Leave to cool. Once cold, finely grind to the desired consistancy.


Iridescent gold powder – 10g

90% alcohol – 90g


Milk chocolate covering – 500g


Combine the gold powder with the 90% alcohol. Spray the inside of the mould with a purlveriser pistol. Let the alcohol evaporate to leave a gold residue.

Temper the chocolate covering raising the chocolate to 50° before leaving to cool to 25° and rewarming to a working temperate of 29-30°. Pour over the mould tapping well the sides of the mould to release the air bubbles. Allow to rest for 30-60 seconds. Remove the excess chocolate by scraping the surface of the mould with a palate-knife. Turn the mould upside down to allow the excess chocolate to run onto the cooking-paper laid over the work-surface. After a further 30-60 seconds clean the excess chocolate from the mould with a palate-knife. Place in the fridge to cool. Preferably overnight.

Sprinkle a small quantity of caramelized sugar into the hollows of the mould to give the sweet some “crunch”. Using a piping bag fill the chocolate lined mould hollows with vanilla ganache, ensuring that the ganache level rests just below the level of the chocolate “shell”. Allow to crystalize in the fridge, ideally over several hours or overnight.

When cool and crystalized, enrobe with mould with a layer of molten chocolate to seal the ganache in the centres of the “chocolates”. Scrape the excess chocolate from the mould before it hardens and leave the chocolates to cool.

After several hours, or overnight, flex or tap gently the mould to release the chocolates.


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