If you are passing through Rouen and would like to book a tour, don’t hesitate to write me a message and I will get back to you.

Rouen existed in 51 BC, survived the famines, massacres and Black Death of the Middle Ages, was home to the imprisonment of Joan of Arc and witness to her death by burning at the stake in the Vieux Marché. Monet and the Impressionsts made the city their temporary home and produced many of their great works along the banks of the river Seine. The German forces occupied the city during the Second World War and it was liberated by the allies in 1944. All the history unfolds around the many monuments and timber framed buildings lining the streets. There are plenty of ‘horrible histories’ for young and old, and beautiful buildings and art for the more aesthetically inclined!

Two hour tours for 3 to 33 covering all the main sites or specialised themes.

Contact me for details and prices.

7 thoughts on “BOOK A TOUR

  1. Please can you contact me. I am coming to Rouen Sunday the 26th of October for a few days and looking for things to do to occupy my 12 year old daughter and me. Ideally things we can do together. Cookery, Sightseeing, Arts are all great. I cannot find your email elee i would have sent a more detailed email directly to you.

    Many many thanks

    Adam (and India)


  2. Salut!! I’ve been trying to find an email address for you but perhaps this is the easiest way to contact you. I plan to use Rouen as a base to explore Normandy for a week in October starting the 16th, before moving on to the Channel Islands. I think a pastry class would be an excellent thing to do. Are there any classes this time of year, how do I sign up and what is the cost? Thank you in advance for your help, Barb


  3. my husband and I are on a cruise and will be at La Harve pier on october 3rd. 2016.. any chance of a cooking class that day let me know Jenny at for one only my husband is going to the battle field. I will need to know about transportation as well thanks so much


  4. Not a tour, alas, but a book that might interest you. There’s an American-written mystery series about a British nurse in World War One, and one has several scenes set in Rouen. For reference, I went back to your winter post of Rouen in the snow, very helpful. The book is “A Bitter Truth,” by Charles Todd.


    • Thank you Emm, I will enjoy looking that book up. It’s not one that I’ve heard of before. It’s always really interesting seeing how the city is portrayed through film and book. Thanks for commenting.


  5. Where have you been? Miss your posts! Our lovely Philippino cleaning lady and her husband stopped by this week to tell us they had taken a bus tour to “Ruin.” Once we heard that they had been to the site where Jeanne d’Arc was burned at the stake, we knew that they meant “Rouen.” 😂


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