French Schooling

 Tiers Temps and the Brevet Blanc

 Choosing Lycées

 Troisième and the Stage d’Observation

 Option International and the Baccalaureat

 Baptism of Fire

december 2012 009 Christmas – French School Style

anabel brevet 005 Remise de Brevet

Making Headway – Registering at French University

1 thought on “French Schooling

  1. Hello from Oklahoma! We are thinking about relocating to Bordeaux area for a semester … we just want to go on an adventure and let our daughter (14) and son (10) experience French culture. Our daughter is taking French lesson at her middle school and our son has never learned foreign language before. We are excited about the possibility of doing this but we’re also nervous how the kids would adjust in French public school, knowing they may have problems with language. Please let us know if you have any words of wisdom for us. Merci!


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