Sunday Market!

I have to share with you these photos taken at our local market. Imagine this – it’s a sunday morning, the cupboard is bare, the kids want to stay cooped up in the house after a busy week – so I have the opportunity of taking my time and absorbing the surroundings and the array of colours in the Vieux Marché whilst looking for inspiration. Here’s just a little of what I find…

cèpes, chanterelles, champignons and lychees

endives of course!

les crevettes and les homards to die for!

clams, oursins (urchins), langoustines and whelks

did I tell you the story about when I confused bulots for boulots?


only the french could have different varieties of oysters (huitres)

or  big fat chickens – necks and claws included!

so much choice its impossible to decide!

Now remind me – why did I come to France?

6 comments on “Sunday Market!

  1. Now that’s some market! We don’t get lobsters and sea urchins at our little one in Boussac. And I love those chicken claws. You don’t know when those might come in useful!


  2. Wow your market looks a lot nicer than our local one. I must admit that when I am in a big town I don’t mind going down to the market and having a look round, although it’s often a case of lay in vs market !


  3. I Love bulots! They taste to me like fat chewy prawns. Yum. How is the cold up your way?


  4. Superb photos! So lovely to see such colour and variety in the middle of winter. When I popped into our local (big) market on Wednesday to get some pics and pick up a few bits, there was hardly anyone around. Not surprising, at 11am it was -5˚C with a bitter wind in Lannemezan (65)! However, I braved the cold, got my pics and did a post on my AngloInfo blog as if it was summer. Well, we do need to be reminded.


    • We very nearly bought a house on the market square in Seissan about 4 years ago. The weekly market there was really fun. I love the area you are in, and when our UK house sells we will be looking again. Great region. I also had to visit Mirande seeing as I’m called Miranda, it seemed appropriate in the circumstances!! By the way, how do you get your blog posted up on angloinfo – i couldn’t see how to attach one.


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